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5 To do's BEFORE your next vocal session!

When getting ready for your first session at a recording studio, these are 5 key things to make sure your session will be able to run a smoothly as possible. Even if you've been to a session at any studio, read this quick blog to help make your next session even smoother. Who doesn't want the most for their buck?

1. Send the beat or stems - This is a pretty simple one, but you'd be surprised how many artists fail to do this. Some even come without any beat and take session time to look on youtube!! Don't do this. You're completely wasting your time. Make sure you find the beat or beats you want to work on, then download or get the links. Try to send the beat(s) or links to the engineer at least 1 hour before. Don't forget to let them know what track to have loaded up first if you send multiple. This allows the engineer to set up the first track, and the following tracks to save time in the session. Less setting up, means more takes and more recording time!

2. Inform the engineer how many people to expect - It's a really nice practice to let the engineer know how many people you expect to have, or show up during your session. This allows them to prepare proper seating and accommodations for the extra bodies. It ends up taking time away from your session if you show up with unannounced guests that they weren't prepared for. Please take into consideration of who you bring to your session as well. These are places of business, not a club for you and friends to party at. Be respectful.

3. Practice, Practice, PRACTICE - This should be common knowledge, but you'd be surprised. Some people still think they can do everything on the spot. Make you sure you know your own song. Know your words, know where your verse is, know where you want to express a certain word or line, Know where you want to put your background vocals ect... It's perfectly fine to try a few things at the studio when you're in a creative mood, but you don't want to be taking a verse 86 times because you're 'unsure'. Yes It's happened. Please, just practice, save your engineer.

4. Discuss a budget - This is a smaller one, but it can defiantly save you some time during your session. If you plan on getting extra services like a mix, make sure you inquire before the session to plan your budget and ask about any pricing plans they may offer. When you get to your session you want to focus on the song and recording, not business.

5. Get a good rest - The night before your session, it's always a great practice to take it easy and drink plenty of water, or hot teas. Get a good sleep. Try to refrain from going out drinking and smoking. This only constricts the vocals cords and can damage them momentarily, preventing you from preforming to the best of your abilities. Remember your vocal chords are s muscle at the end of the day, they need to rest before a big workout.

After reading, I hope these quick 5 tips help you save some precious time, and get more out of your next session. No one likes to feel like they didn't get what they paid for, so help make sure you get the most out of your hard earned money spent.

Jeremy Storey

Storey Book Studio.

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