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Setting up your ACOUSTIC FOAM. The FIRST time

If you've been building your own home studio/project studio, there's a really good chance that you've come across the elusive Acoustic Foam. There's also a chance that some of you reading this may already have some acoustic treatment up already. Either way, this FREE download can still be of help to you!

In this PDF, you'll receive diagrams, and guides of how to approach the foam installation processes to get the most out of your room! Below you'll find the download for the PDF. Simply go ahead and download that and get to work on setting up your acoustic panels!

Jeremy Storeys How to set up acoustic fo
Download • 2.20MB

Always remember to leave your comments and thoughts below and share this with anyone who would find this interesting or useful!

Thank you so much to those who take the time to download and read through the PDF if written for you all!

Jeremy Storey.

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