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FREE DOWNLOAD - Start recording for UNDER $1000!


From the opening page:

"So, You’ve just heard the newest release you’re favourite band or artist came out with. Your best friend just told you about the new song they’ve recently recorded, and you’re tired of spending your hard earned money on someone to do a task you know you could easily do. You want to join in on the recording fun, and potentially turn it into a business. Yet, you don’t have much of an idea where to start or what you need to start building your first set-up. I’m assuming one of these, or a similar scenario is the reason you’ve gone a head and gotten yourself this PDF, so you can learn how to start recording for under $1000! You’ve taken the right first step. Let’s head on through this short 15 page PDF and set you up to record the next potential major hit!" - Jeremy Storeys guide to - Start recording for UNDER $1000"

The title speaks for itself. You're someone who loves music and audio. You're someone who wants to lean how to build their first set up. But you've got to be able to make it for under $1000 or similar budget? Then you're on the right page, this is the reading for you. Throughout this FREE 15 page PDF, you'll learn about the benefits you have with modern day equipment, the equipment you need, and why you'll need each piece to start building your first recording studio! - All the equipment and accessories listed throughout the PDF will have the direct links to the purchase. Just for note, NO they are not affiliate links. I am NOT sponsored in anyway by any of the companies or products mentioned.

What are you waiting for? It's time to stop dreaming and start planning with this guide!

Get your FREE download below!


Start recoridng for under $1000
Download PDF • 7.15MB

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