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How to Book at Storey Book Studio!

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Here at Storey Book Studio, I wanted to change the experience of booking in a session for musicians, artists, producers and anyone who needs some studio time. We wanted to make it easier for everyone by removing the necessity of having to contact someone to inquire about availability, services, ect.. We have pre set sessions you can simply pick and book in! -- You can of course still inquire about anything if you need! But if you're ready to go ahead to book but don't know how on SBS yet, Follow these simple steps!

1. Go to Book online - Click on any of the 'book now' buttons on the website and be brought right to all the available 'quick book' options.

2. Pick your session - There are a verity of services and packages all available to suit all recording needs. Go find what works best for you.

NOTE: If you still can't find the most appropriate session for you, please do not hesitate to contact to inquire about what it is you need information on.

3. Pick your date and time - Most sessions require a minimum of a 24 hour advance in order to book. You can see if you're able to book in the same day, but best to click on the next day to be sure you can get the time you want!

4. Add your name and email - The only 2 mandatory fields we need you to fill in simply your name and email so I can know who i'm communicating with! Anything else is up to you!

5. Pay deposit - Each session requires a deposit based on session and session cost. NO session get's booked without and deposit.

6. Show up to your session! - You'll receive a confirmation email about your session being booked in. I will receive a confirmation of booking email and have your session automatically updated to my calendar. Now just wait until your session date and show up! I'll see ya there!

Before you go and book in, be sure to check out my other blog post - " 5 To Do's BEFORE your next session! " to make sure that you're in top shape and all ready to make the most out of your recording session.

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