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Monthly Give-away!

Every month here at Storey Book Studio, There's a monthly give away for a 8 hour session! We like to give the chance for artists to escape and create!


Get together and come up with your winning song idea!


Record it! it does NOT have to be high quality. It could even be recorded on your phone!


Come to this page and submit your entree at the bottom of this page!


Simply wait until the announcement day and see if you won! 

It originally began with a beat that Storeys produced you would of had to download and write a verse to. But I found that very limiting and unfair to a lot of artists. My goal was to give all genera's and artists a chance. So now, it's open to all submission from any artist! 

The rules are now as follows:  

Entrees are open between the 1st and the 20th of every month. The winner is announced on the 25th of every month and will be contacted!  

when submitting your entree. please clearly write name and email in title for contact

Submit your entree!
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